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TYPESETTER - Wild's End - LP

The European release of Chicago's TYPESETTER debut full-length.
Released on transparent coke bottle green swirl vinyl + Download code + Sticker

Here's what some people say about this record:

Dying Scene
"If RESTORATIONS were more punk you’d have these dudes. The dearth of whoa-ohs and the huge, expansive guitar-driven atmosphere give so much credence to this statement which makes 'Wild’s End' one of the most fun records of the year."
"Wild’s End" finds Typesetter somewhere between TITLE FIGHT and IRON CHIC (Title Fight with more punk leanings / Iron Chic with less of a skate-punk vibe)."
1. Obvious Imperfections
2. Cut Teeth
3. Lapsed Asshole
4. Summer Storms
5. TFW
6. Sunday Best
7. Flood Of '93
8. Inbetweens
9. Settling
10. Nietzsche In Florida
11. So What's Your Future
12. Wild's End