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ARMS ALOFT - What A Time To Be Barely Alive - LP

To better understand ARMS ALOFT you need to get to know their homeland, The Great Lakes. No no, not Chicago or Cleveland or Detroit, these punk weirdos are from THE NORTH. Half the band hails from Minneapolis and the other two lumberjacks are from Eau Claire, WI. Up in that neck of the woods the people wear large bricks of cheese upon their heads in a display of provincial unity. Yah sure, you betcha. Well, these kids were destined for more than just ice-fishing and drinking Rhinelanders at the sawmill, so they started a band and caught people's attention with their leftist message and raspy melodies. And with "What A Time To Be Barely Alive" they have 12 songs that take rootsy punk (like Billy Bragg and early Gaslight Anthem) and blend it with the personal politics of bands like The Clash and Dillinger Four. Plus, the cover art has a herd of swine busting out of a pigpen. Ain't that some shit?
This beauty will be released on bone or black vinyl by a big fat coalition of labels, including Red Scare Industries; Gilead Media and Sawdust City in the US (and everywhere!); Guerilla Asso. in the EU for French-talkers and our own dumb selves for Germans and the EU; All-In Vinyl in the UK and Eager Beaver Records in Japan. Plus 12 page booklet with illustrations for every song by LANDON SHEELY aaaaaaaand surely a download code.

1. We Have Nothing To Lose But Our Chains…
2. Three Altars for Rats
3. The Truth Is Out There
4. The Voyage of the Dawndreaders
5. What A Time To Be Barely Alive
6. Hollowlujah!
7. Untitled
8. I Want To Be Leaves
9. Sloslylove Is Playing At My House
10. A Psalm For Our Jobs and Apartments
11. West Grand Ave. Maria
12. …And A World To Win